Monday, April 23, 2012


This is well written tamil novel by  the writers Viji and Niva. Dialogue's are hilarious.It is going under my all time favorite list.
This Novel is about a girl "Iniya" who is bubbly and talkative and also strongly believes in love and love marriage. She falls love with the Guy - Aravind at fight sight in register's office when she arranges the register marriage for her college friend. Aravind arranges his longtime friend Chardru's wedding at the same time. Iniya doesn't meet Aravind there after.
Aravind loses hope in love marriage when chandru's marriage fails. Aravind feels very guilty for the struggle Chandru's family goes through because of his marriage. He decides not to get marry until he resolves chandru's problem. But Chandru and his parents convince him to get marry. 
Days goes by, Iniya's parents arranges her wedding, But Iniya doesn't want to get marry until she sees the groom Surprisingly groom is Aravind. She happily marries Aravind she thinks her dream come true. Aravind maintains distance with Iniya worries about chandru all the time. Remaining story about how Iniya wins Aravind's heart and resolve the problem in Chandru's family.
This is novel for you if you like comedy and romance.

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